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Empowerment Unleashed for Every Untold Story

Transforming Lives, Igniting Hope

At Sonz of a Beast Empowerment Project, we stand firm in the belief that within every soul lies a story of strength waiting to be unfurled. We see not the shadows of what was, but the bright potential of what can be. We are more than an organization; we are a lifeline, a beacon of hope for the forgotten, the underestimated, and the overlooked.

our services

Through our dynamic services and projects, we seek to create a significant impact, fostering empowerment & nurturing positive change across communities.

Community Outreach Programs

Engage with the community through education, assistance, and empowerment.

Fundraising Campaigns

Plan and execute effective fundraising campaigns to support our mission.

Volunteer Coordination

Recruit and manage volunteers to maximize impact and achieve our goals.

latest events & campaigns

Join us for inspiring events and campaigns designed to propel our mission of empowerment and community resilience forward.

Annual SOB Experience
November 12, 2023

Come join Sonz of a Beast Empowerment as they celebrate the reconstruction of a local high school gym.

Sonz of a Beast Documentary Project

Sonz Of A Beast is a powerful feature documentary film that will follow the inspiring journey of American powerlifters Julius Maddox and TD “Smash” Davis alongside the legendary CT Fletcher, Rep King Midwest Kong and serial entrepreneur, Don Singleton.

Sonz of a Beast Every Day Giving

Support our Everyday Giving Fundraiser to make a daily difference in lives, fostering empowerment and hope with each contribution.


We offer diverse programs spanning education, rehabilitation, veteran support, and personal growth initiatives.

Mental Health Matters

Fostering mental wellness through counseling, support groups, and community efforts to heal and empower through shared vulnerability.

I am HUMAN Initiative

It focuses on men's mental health and highlights the value of fitness in combating depression and other mental health issues.

Fit & Feed

Providing free fitness training sessions and nutritious meals for underprivileged kids.

Breaking the Prison Cycle

We offer job aid, health support, and post-jail guidance, plus fitness certs for inmates rebuilding lives.

Support for Single Fathers

We support single dads with mental health aid, parenting advice, and resources for family success.

Financial Freedom

We boost financial literacy, offer job opportunities, and advocate for health insurance and responsible parenting.

"Sonz of A Beast Empowerment Project is an amazing nonprofit that truly makes a difference in the lives of young people in Harris County. Their dedication to empowering and inspiring the youth is truly admirable. Thank you for all that you do!"

— Olivia