Don Singleton

Family First

In the depths of his heart, Don clings to an unwavering belief that fatherhood was his true calling. The purest, most profound moments of his existence revolve around the lives of his children, those three sons who bring him immeasurable joy. But the boundaries of his paternal love do not stop there; they extend to encompass his cherished nephew and Godson, who are no less his own. In shaping the destinies of these young souls, Don plays a pivotal role, a role he cherishes and holds dear. Having known the void of a father's guidance in his own upbringing, Don resolved to be the mentor he never had as a child, offering them the love and support he yearned for. As the middle son among three brothers, Don felt the weight of great expectations, forever aiming to impress the mother he holds dear as his second-best friend, right after his beloved wife.

Bounce Back

Don's life was once shrouded in shadows, a tale that began in the turbulent backdrop of New Orleans, Louisiana. In a place where violence was commonplace, his earliest memory as a toddler was a chilling encounter with a murder. Growing up amid such chaos, Don learned to build walls around his emotions, a survival mechanism that toughened him in ways he wishes it hadn't. Despite being recognized as a genius, he managed to graduate from high school at the tender age of 16, a feat in itself. Becoming the third person in his family to attend college seemed like the path to brighter horizons. However, life took an unexpected turn, and he found himself ensnared by the unforgiving circumstances of his environment, leading him down a path that eventually led to prison. Two years and three felonies later, Don reached a crossroads where he had to rewrite the narrative of his life.


Necessity gave birth to Don's journey as an entrepreneur. After facing difficulties in college, he was forced to confront the reality that his dream of becoming a lawyer was forever tarnished by his record. In the face of adversity, he turned to the one path that didn't require a background check: personal training. With a mother who had introduced him to the gym at the tender age of 10, a woman who still bested him in racquetball well into her 50s, the fire of competitive fitness flowed through his veins. His initial success as a local gym trainer was only the beginning. The desire for more drove him to launch his own fitness facilities. The quest for excellence didn't stop there; he embarked on a journey to China, seeking suppliers to establish his very own gym manufacturing company, MA1 Fitness. Yet, the yearning for greater achievements persisted, leading him to establish Morph Athletica, a thriving fitness apparel enterprise. Collaborating with a friend, he seized ownership of the American Fitness Expo, one of the nation's largest fitness extravaganzas, swiftly followed by an international counterpart. Don's foray into entrepreneurship was a path he tread alone, mastering the art of business and embracing the thrill of the challenge with unwavering determination.

Give Back

Throughout his ventures, Don has discovered success, but his ambitions extend far beyond personal gain. Every triumph he achieves is a steppingstone to help others avoid the hardships he encountered on his arduous journey. Despite setbacks in investments and failed businesses, Don's passion lies in guiding budding entrepreneurs towards success, sparing them the roadblocks he once faced. His vision also encompasses instilling a love for fitness in the hearts of young children, teaching them the value of physical well-being in overcoming mental health challenges. Upon learning that his hero, CT Fletcher, along with fellow fitness influencers Midwest Kong, Julius Maddox, and TD Smash, shared a desire to establish a nonprofit organization with similar ideals, the Sonz of A Beast Empowerment Project was born, a testament to Don's unwavering commitment to giving back to the world that shaped him.